If you haven't already seen on my YouTube channel, I've been doing Vlogmas again this year.
 (I missed it in 2014, sorry). 
I'm only doing it weekly as I work a lot, so it would be rather boring if I did it every-day as some of the days would only be a couple of minutes long!

You can check out VLOGMAS WEEK 1: 


I'll be uploading Week 3 tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) so be sure to check that out too!

Or if you want to see my 2013 Vlogmas and my current two, I have a huge playlist!


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Eyeshadow Collection

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to be sharing with you my Eyeshadow collection.
Don't get me wrong, it's not very big but hey-ho it's Eyeshadow and who doesn't love that?!

Firstly I'll start off with my most used pallete by MUA.
Ever After - Matte Pallete.
This pallete isn't necessarily the best quality, but the colour 'Penny' (bottom left) was the absolute perfect colour for my eyebrows.
This pallete was also one of my first, so I'd use it for a subtle smokey eye, so I've quite badly hit pan.

This is the only other MUA pallete I own, Glitter Ball.
I don't think I actually have used this one so much, just on the odd occasion.
The fact I've hit pan on two of them is because I dropped it....oops.

Revolution Pallete Mermaids VS Unicorns
I bought this pallete especially for Fireworks night.
I have used it for that one night, and not again.
I do love the shades in this pallete though, and how there's one's to mix them with instead of the one of bright tone like the next pallete.

Revolution Pallete Acid Brights
I can't remember when, or why I bought this pallete.
The colours are all a bit too bright for me but oh well, they may come in handy one day!

Revolution Pallete Romantic Smoked
I do quite like this pallete, it's very good to mix with the Iconic 2 pallete.
Some of the colours go rather nicely together.

Revolution Pallete Iconic 2
This pallete is probably one of my favorites. It's just all lovely subtle tones that go with everything.

MAC Woodwinked
This colour is just absolutely beautiful.
It's lovely to blend out with some colours from the Revolution palletes, but I just generally love everything about this eyeshadow. The quality, the colour, the sparkle!

Bobbi Brown Fawn (9)
This colour is just the perfect colour as you can wear it alone and it doesn't look odd, or you can layer it up and blend it with other shadows and create the most beautiful smokey eye.

Lancome Paris 325 Deep Purple
This shade is just beautiful.
That is all.

MAC Mythology 
Like my other Mac pot, I love this one too!
This one is a lot less subtle and I use it a lot less, but I still just absolutely love the quality of MAC.

Thanks for reading guys

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It's Christmas!!!

Hey, Hi, Hello! 

Long time no blog - sorry. I've still been making YouTube video's so if you want to see what I've been doing whilst I haven't been blogging - check it out here

Anyway, I'm writing this quick little blog to tell you - I've decided on my Christmas YouTube/Blog Schedule! (hallelujah)

I'm going to be doing Vlogmas (in a way)...
I'm NOT going to be uploading every single day as this will clog up my channel and leave no room for other videos, so I'm going to be uploading my 'Vlogmas' every week as follows -
8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and 1st Jan.
All of those videos will be the previous weeks worth of videos, starting filming on the 1st
I hope you'll enjoy them!

In-between Vlogmas, I'll be uploading various other Christmas related videos, maybe also a few normal ones thrown in there for good measure.

And finally, along-side this hectic YouTube schedule, I'll be trying my absolute best to write a blog post at LEAST once a week and carrying this on after December.
I'm really trying to kick myself back into blogging because it's so relaxing to just write type everything down.

Thanks for reading, 
See you for Vlogmas and all the other good stuff!

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HAUL | H&M, Lush, Primark & Superdrug

To be a little bit different to my usual YouTube hauls, I thought I'd do a haul on here.

H&M Choker - £1.99 
I saw this in the Halloween section and absolutely fell in love with it.
I've been looking for random little bits to add to my ever-growing Halloween collection, and thought this would fit in perfectly, it can also be worn on the lead-up to Halloween, so isn't strictly just for the night itself.
I honestly feel like I'm going to be wearing this everyday until November.

Primark False Nails - £1 each
Biting my nails has become a big problem again, so my way of battling that is always getting false nails.
I got some funky Halloween ones (today's shop seemed to be very Halloween themed) and then some normal ones because why not.

Primark Socks - £3.00
 All of my socks seem to be disappearing, okay? I blame the washing machine.
H&M Nail Stickers - £1.99
 Once again, something else that is Halloween themed, but HOW CUTE!!
I've promised myself I'm going to stop biting my nails, hence the fake one's to try and help me stop.
Once I do stop, making my nails all pretty will be my main priority.
Does anyone have any tips for not biting your nails? It's an awful habit that I just can't stop.
Primark Facial Wipes - £1 each
Once again, another essential. One pack for me - one pack for Dave.
(His are the pink ones, hehe)

Superdrug MUA Nail Polish - £1.00 each
I really fancied some white & grey nail polishes just to see what the colours look like on my nails, so I went for quite a cheap make, which I've never had for nail polish.
Has anyone else used their polish before?

H&M Jersey - £9.99 
I didn't plan on buying a T-shirt today, but just look at how adorable it is!
H&M tops are half-half, some of them are great fitting and some are just absolutely ridiculous.
Luckily, this was one that was a perfect fit!

Lush Products - £3.95 each
Who doesn't love a bit of Lush's seasonal collections?
I'm resisting to buy any of their Christmas products so soon, so I went with their Halloween ones.
I got the 'Lord of Misrule' Bath Bomb which I'm really excited to use, I really have a problem with loving bath bombs. haha!
The second product is 'Nightwing' Shower Jelly.
I can't lie, I'm not entirely sure what this product does (I'm obviously guessing it's just an alternative funky shower gel) but the pure reason I bought it was that once it comes out of the packaging - it's in the shape of a Bat!!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, thanks guys!

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Famous Followers TAG

So I've gone and done it, I've created my own tag. 

Well, it's a tag in the sense there is one overall question and I want a lot of people to make their own version of this video or write it into a blog because I think it's rather interesting!

The aim of the tag: Make a video or a blog post telling us your 'famous/verified' followers on Twitter. 

I think it's quite an interesting video or blog post to make.
Check out my version below!

If you do this tag, be sure to share it below in the comments or tag me to your version on Twitter @superh4yls


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10 Annoying Problems When Being Behind A Bar

So, I've now been working behind a bar for almost 3 months, and there's a few things that I've learnt. Not only about the job of course, but about the types of customers you get and how little, little things can annoy staff.

  1. If you're at a pub with a beer garden, and decide to sit in the lovely sun (making the most of life), whilst bar staff are sweating away inside - PLEASE, PLEASE BRING YOUR DIRTY GLASS BACK IN WHILST ASKING FOR A NEW DRINK.
    Otherwise, we then have to do a quick dash whilst the bar is not busy (if ever) to pick up the MILLIONS of glasses you haven't bought back inside, which takes about 4 runs.
    But then again, you'd moan if we didn't have a beer garden wouldn't you!

  2. Putting crisp packets and/or tissues in sticky half-full glasses.
    Would you like to fish out tissues that are half stuck to the inside of glasses? NO.

  3. People who wear lipstick that stains like bleach.
    As 90% of people know, glasses are all put into steam & water dishwashers. This does not remove lipstick that sticks to glasses like chewing gum to a bit of carpet.
    If you were rushed off your feet serving customer after customer, not having a second to think - do you have time to get someone's BRIGHT RED NON-REMOVABLE lipstick off a glass?

  4. Bar Hoggers, this is the only way to describe them.
    So you buy a drink, receive your drink, then continue to stand at the bar in everyone else's way.
    This then forces us to shout at the next customer over your head, which you don't like.
    Your fault, shouldn't take up the whole bar. 

  5. 'Same again'
    Sorry but since you last came to the bar, I served roughly 100 people. Don't get annoyed at me when I ask you what your drink was because I don't specifically remember your 'same again'.

  6. Slang nicknames for drinks.
    I think behind every bar needs an A-Z of every single possible nickname for every drink, in every country. It gets very annoying.

  7. 'Put it on the tab' - Proceeds to walk off.

  8. Impatient people.
    Someone walks in wanting a drink, but can already clearly see that you are serving someone else as you are already pouring a drink - however, they still proceed to arrogantly shout their order at you, and don't say sorry when they realise they are in the wrong.

  9. You're stood behind the bar, in a pub full of people.
    Someone walks in THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR (which was obviously open - because they just walked through it) and then asks "Are you open and serving drinks?"
    This is getting ridiculous.

  10. When someone is stood in front of the whole menu, looks at only the special board and asks "Is that all you do? You don't have anything apart from specials?"
Some things just get to you, and sometimes you just can't believe how silly people are.
Tell me of any stories you have from your work, I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading! 


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SPRING STAPLES // featuring Powder

We are currently slap bang in the middle of spring, so here are my spring staples by Powder.
I've also thrown in a few other favourites that I found whilst scrolling through their website, I couldn't resist! 

If you would like to know more about the brand 'Powder' - check their About Us page on their website.
Their website design is so cute, it really reflects their amazing products!

'Daisy' - £13

This beautiful scarf if perfect for spring.
It's not too thick, yet still not to thin so it will give you a bit of warmth.
I love its neutral colour, so it attracts you to it because of it's beautiful flowery pattern instead of bright colours.

 'Chamonix Headband' - £22

This Headband is made out of Faux Fur.
It will be great for Spring as it'll keep your head warm in that stylish way.
The colour is very subtle so once again just looks classy instead of taking the focus away from your outfit. 

'Lucy' - £16

This is another thinner scarf, but with a pop of colour.
If your outfit is a bit dull, this just brightens your whole outfit up.
This works perfectly with a black skater dress and your favourite cute boots.
This scarf does come in different colour combinations, but this was my favourite.
The vibrant pink as the base with the mint and pale tones on top was just too cute.

 'Rosie' - £20 

This scarf is thicker than the other one's I chose, but this one I probably love the most.
I love the colour combinations. it would go so lovely with a thin coat, blue jeans and this lovely cosy scarf. 
Also, the button for added detail is just adorable.

'Rosie Mittens' - £13

This could be slightly more towards a winter product, but it's also perfect for those colder spring days and will be very useful when it becomes Autumn again, and knowing how fast this year is already going - Autumn will be here in no time!
These adorable mittens are perfect for a cold Sunday's walk.

Grab your spring staples from Powder here: 

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So, if you haven't already noticed, there's a few things different this time you've visited my blog.. 

Firstly, your search bar says something different! 
Instead of being http://superh4yls.blogspot.com (which still works), my domain is now 

Secondly, my blog layout has been totally revamped!
I got tired with the old look, so thought as I was committing myself to a domain, why not go in for the kill and give my blog a whole new look as well!
I'm going to be working a lot harder on my blog from now on.
I'm starting new themes of posts, such as 'lists' which personally, I'm very excited about. 

So if you'd like to see more of my rants and day-to-day life, please visit again!
There's a follow button to your right for various websites as this one itself, bloglovin' and more.
If you are more into videos, I've got a YouTube channel where I upload vlogs, rants, hauls and more - you can subscribe to that by clicking that lovely button over to your right, but if not just click here.
For anything else, visit my contact page.
That also now showcases my newest Instagram posts, which I do think is very snazzy.

No one said a little bit of self-promo once in a while will ever harm anyone, haha.

Thanks for reading

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Sweet Potato?!

So today was my first time tackling a Sweet Potato, what could possibly go wrong?!

I often go to a little cafe called Relish, and they do the most beautiful food and of course, the reason for this story - one of their signature foods is Sweet Potato Fries.
I mean come on, look at this food! *_*
I love Sweet Potato Fries way, way, WAY too much - so I wanted to try them for myself.
Oh no.

I started off by peeling the Sweet Potato.
I don't actually know if you're even meant to peel it - it just felt like the right thing to do. I mean come on, you peel normal potatoes so why wouldn't you peel a Sweet Potato? They aren't that much different are they?

Apart from making the sink an absolute mess with getting potato peel everywhere and almost cutting my hand with the peeler multiple times, this actually went reasonably okay.

This photo is basically me just boasting about how well I peeled those potatoes.
Look at the little one, what even is that?!
It takes real skill to peel something that is that much of an awkward shape.
You can also now see the peeler SHARP THING I was working with.
Me and Sweet potatoes just weren't meant to be.

I got out a bigger knife.
I'm only asking for trouble now.
This is the furthest I got doing my Sweet Potato Fries alone.
I couldn't actually push the knife any further into the potato - it was really tough!
Either that or I'm really pathetically weak.
I need to work out... or get cooking potato cutting lessons.

So after all this hoo-ha, my boyfriend took over and actually managed to cut the monster potatoes, and I clearly forgot to keep taking pictures... so this is the end of my tragic potato story!
On the bright side, all of my fingers are still intact.
For those who'd like to know:
I put the potatoes on a tin foil lined baking tray covered in oil, pepper and salt for 20 minutes in the oven.
The result of them was cooked... but not crisp - could have been much better.
If anyone has any tips, they would be very much appreciated.
Going to attempt round two tomorrow - watch this space!

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Long time no speak

Hello, hello, hello!

It's been quite a while since I've wrote a blog post - I've been very very busy with life.
I took a break from YouTube, have very slowly got back into it but have been having problems with editing and lack of motivation. As of right now, I've got a video filmed but once again having problems with editing so I kind of just get annoyed and turn the computer off. 
I'll tackle it one day, we hope.

I've had my 4 day a week 'full time' job turned into a 5 day a week 'even-more fuller time job' which is draining.
It's not the fact I have a full time job, I love my job and obviously it's just a thing you have to do in life to survive really, but it's trying to fit everything else in my life around that, such as; 
Driving lessons, practising in my own car, visiting friends, visiting family, doing coursework, filming and editing videos, trying to think of ways to become the next billionaire, owning a flat duties such as cleaning & other 'adulty' things.
It's quite exhausting really, I don't seem to have a second to sit down.

If you'd like to see more regular updates from me, Facebook seems to be where it's at!
YouTube video's I try for once a week, but if I don't have a chance to edit or film they're every 2 weeks-ish.
I'll try and catch you again soon Blogger, bye!

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