First Sleek Product?

just the other day I wrote a blog post nattering on about how I'd basically lost my passion for life and all things YouTube.
Today - I kicked myself in the butt and edited a video that has been sat on my laptop filmed and un-edited since mid-September.

I went out for the day on a Wednesday(I think?) with my friend and then at the weekend I attended an Agricultural show and bought a few things, so filmed a haul on the night-time.
But it never made it to YouTube - until today,
If you would like to view it, please do so below -

I really feel like I have given myself a kick up the backside though.

I'm back.

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On This Day.. HALLOWEEN!

This time last year, I was posting Halloween videos, most recently this one.

Check-out the rest of my 2015 Halloween video's here - 


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What's happened to YOU-Tube?

I don't know. I honestly just don't know
If you check onto my YouTube channel, you can see - I haven't posted a video since late September.
(Which at that was still only a Monday Minute)

I'm slacking, and I know I am - but I don't know why.
I've lost all motivation for basically everything in life.
I'm sick of YouTube, me making video's I love - and people saying they hate them or they think it's pathetic. It's a hobby. It's my hobby.
I'm sick of my social name 'SUPERH4YLS' but I don't know what to change it too of if I even should. I should be proud of it.
I'm tied up in my job working all hours, which I keep saying I'm sick of.
But really I love it.
We moved house, and I love it - but - It's now winter.
We can't get the garden sorted ready for next year because it's too cold and nothing will grow,
It's not 'ours' yet as there is still decorating to do and ugh it's just going to take time,
People ask, all the time.
I smile.
I've lost a passion for everything, and I'm trying to regain it.
I think I've been put down one-too-many times that now it's actually getting to me.
but still - I smile.

I'm going to try and get back into everything, but I'm going to take my own time.
I want to write blog posts, so I'm going to.
I want to do a couple of videos, when I want to. So I will.

Sorry for the moan, I'm just not feeling too good.


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Photobooth Photography

I was just about to write this post about my Photography page on Facebook, so loaded up my page to check it over and WOOAAAH FACEBOOK LAYOUT HAS CHANGED ONCE AGAIN? WHY?


As I was going to say, I have a photography page on Facebook.
I've had one for quite a while, and I've 'done' Photography for yeaaars, but I never really post about it.
I mainly focus around Landscapes and cars, what a mix!
If you'd like to check it out, the link and some examples are below. 

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Disney Lego Minifigure Collection

I was out shopping last night, and noticed a new Lego Minifigures Collection - DISNEY! 
I hadn't heard anything about this collection but oh boy I was impressed!

 Above is the whole new collection. Aren't there just some great choices?!
My wishlist for them is Mini Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland & Buzz.
They're all just too adorable! To be honest, I'd love the whole collection but we all know that isn't going to happen.

These are the two I got out of the lucky dip selection.

What do you think of the new Lego Minifigure collection?
Are they your favourite? If not, which series was?

Thanks for reading! 

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I've created this little post for anyone that is curious and made it into a page at the top.
I'll slowly add to it over time, if you've got any questions leave them in the comments below!

Q: What font is your header?
A:  KBSticktolt by KhrysKreations

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The Camera's I Use

I uploaded another 'Monday Minute' talking about the camera's I currently own, and said I was going to write a little blog post with a tiny bit more detail, so here it is. 

I've taken all of the photos from my trusty friend Google, as I thought they'd be much clearer than photos from my phone.
Nikon D3100, standard kit lense
 My first real DLSR. It's brilliant, what can I say. 
I absolutely love this camera for photography, it's not so great for filming.
It only films for 10 minutes before self-timing out, which can be quite annoying because we all know YouTube video's lately drag well over 10 minutes. 
If you have auto focus on, it makes a constant clicking throughout filming which also isn't good and if you don't have it on, there's no way to see if you're in focus.
Apart from that, I LOVE IT.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ55
 This little beauty.
This is my current all rounder camera.
I use it for vlogs, main channel videos and everything inbetween.
I did initially but this as a 'main video' camera to replace my DSLR, but it over took my vlogging camera too.
It's too good. There's nothing it does that's wrong.
Samsung MV800
 A good little camera. 
I imagine this camera could be a lot better than mine was, because mine I bought from eBay and it was a little defected.
It was a good all rounder.
Panasonic HX-DC3
 This was my first 'vlogging' camera, and to this day I still love it. 
It's a bit awkward to hold, even though the design looks like it be easier, it's not..
The only downside to this camera, and one of the main reasons I got another one is that it makes kind of an odd clicking when you are recording a video, I think it's the auto-focus.
I don't always notice it, but when I do, it's one of those kind of things that you can't un-hear.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
This camera is just a bit of fun, but oh what a bit of fun it is. 
I absolutely love the Polaroid feel, and how you only have one chance to get that picture perfect. 
This camera is a bit of a novelty, but I still love it to bits. 
I'm still yet to master the art of taking a great Polaroid first time. Let's just say, I've wasted quite a few. 

If you have any more questions about any of the camera's I own, feel free to leave them in the comments below or on my YouTube video.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you've learnt a little bit!

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Hi, I'm Hayley.

I'm Hayley, also known as SUPERH4YLS.

First things first, let's get over this name...
I know it's a bit cheesey, but at the time - I really really loved Superman.
I still do, but not to the extent of coming up with that kind of name? 
It also has a 4 used in it because, one site I was joining already had 'superhayls' taken...
Oh well.

My main thing is YouTube.
I try to post videos once a week, sometimes it's more - sometimes it's a few days late - it depends.
I do a whole load of random things, so it's best you check it out yourself!

I blog a few times a month, from rambly messes of how my day was, rants, to hauls and even reviews!

As you can probably already tell, I'm a bit of a bumbly person. I get taken off topic very easily because the smallest and stupidest things catch my attention!
I'm obsessed with cats and catcus' (what a mix).

If I sound like the person you can have a laugh with (or laugh at, completely your choice) then hit me up below!
You can find me in various places on the internet: 

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A shopping trip with Dad

Today I went on a little shopping trip with my dad and felt like sharing what I bought with you.
It's nothing too exciting, but this is generally the kind of things I'd get on a normal trip.

There's no order to the photos, so sorrryyy! 

Well wow, we're kicking off this blog post well aren't we. 
A salad, yes I bought a salad. 

This just looked quite nice, so I got it for my lunch tomorrow as I'm at work all day. 
See, healthy eating isn't going to bad is it?!

Morrisons - £2.46

I absolutely LOVE stickers.
I really can't say much else about this purchase about from I really, really do love stickers.
I don't know what on earth I'm going to stick these too, but I'll find something.
The packet on the left are flat stickers, where-as the packet on the right are 3D textured stickers.

New Look - £1 per packet

These are great. 
I mainly use them to wipe down the kitchen, but they always come in handy...
So, I got four packets.
Haha, probably a bit extensive but they're just so cheap so why not! 

Wilkinsons - £0.50 per packet

I used to use these foamburst's so long ago, and saw them in Wilkinsons for the cheapest price in the "We want to get rid of this" section, so I picked up two! 
I didn't really care about the scents because they were so cheap, but I absolutely love the feel of foamburst's.

Wilkinsons - £0.50 each

See I don't really see this as a "haul acceptable" product, but I'm literally showing you everything I got. 

I think this was the conditioner that we bought when me and my boyfriend first moved in together, so I thought I'd get it again, throwback and all that. 

Wilkinsons - £0.95 

These are the most handy thing you can ever own. 
They're so great because they have a soft side that cleans most of your dishes, and then a slightly rougher side that will do anything else. 
Also, look how many you get!! 

Wilkinsons - £0.80

Mince, oh Mince.
Mince is great in everything, but my boyfriend doesn't like it.
I think he's honestly never had it, so I'm going to make something tasty and see if he'll eat it!

Morrisons - £1.84 

This is to go with the mince.
You can 100% blame Carly Rowena for this, as I watch her vlogs religiously, and she and her boyfriend ALWAYS make a chilli and leave it in the slow cooker all day.
We bought a slow cooker roughly a year ago, and have probably used it twice, maybe?
So I'm going to try this because everytime I see it in her vlog I get a huge craving for it!

Morrisons - £0.88

I needed some cheese...
I only wanted it for a pasta bake so I bought cheap cheese...

Morrisons - £1.15 

Honey, I love you. 
Honey always comes in really handy whether it's going in porridge, being used as a sweetner or maybe even going on Pancakes?
I'll have to try that one.

Morrisons - £2.00

Eventhough it's February, New Look seems to still have some brilliant sales on!
I saw this top, debated on it for a while thinking "will this make me look like a raging alchoholic?"
Then I thought, I don't care.
So I bought it.
It is quite perfectly, me.

New Look - £3.00

Back to Wilkos products, I bought some dusters.
I don't quite know why I bought some dusters, but I'm sure they'll come in handy.

Wilkinsons - £0.71

I drive to work at the most awkward time of the day, and that's when the sun is right in your eyes.
I already have a couple of pairs of sunglasses, but these were also in the really cheap sale section of New Look. 
I tried them on, and thought they looked quite chunky but I think if I wear my hair down they'll look great. 
If they do look awful - I'll just wear them for driving. 

New Look - £0.50

Finally, I bought some plates.
I actually bought two, but thought a picture of one would be more pleasing to the eye.
They're just super cute white heart plates.
I have literally wanted these FOREVER, but have never bought any.
Today, I just did, and I regret nothing.

Wilkinsons - £2.50 each

Thanks for reading guys!

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Pixie Footware Wishlist!

I stumbled across Pixie Footware whilst scrolling through the internet, and absolutely loved some of the footware they had!

I'd like to share with you below some of my favourite bits from their website!
You can check out their website yourself here:

Becky Grey - £69.95
I stumbled across these absolutely beautiful boots. 
They suit me much more than the quite a few of the other boots on the website, as they're just slip-on. 
A lot of the boots have buckle features which isn't my thing at all, I like things to be easy!
Although, due to the zip feature I won't feel like they are just going to fall off.
The shade of grey is also beautiful. We all know I have a thing for grey. 
Emily Berry - £64.95
Second to grey, I absolutely love burgandy. 
These boots are so cute! They look like they will snuggle your feet due to the furry lining, but still give you elegance with the heel.

Izzy Black - £64.95
I've chosen these boots to show you all as I've already got some that look exactly the same, apart from grey!
This type of slip on allows you easily to get your foot into the shoe, but still grips around your leg so that they don't feel loose.
I'd recommend these to anyone! 

Ruby Black - £69.95
The final pair of boots on my wishlist are these beautiful long leg boots. 
I totally wish I had the legs to pull these off!
Legs anything even close to that would do to be honest haha!

Thanks for reading, I hope I've inspired you to look at Pixie and their great range of shoes. 

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