A shopping trip with Dad

Today I went on a little shopping trip with my dad and felt like sharing what I bought with you.
It's nothing too exciting, but this is generally the kind of things I'd get on a normal trip.

There's no order to the photos, so sorrryyy! 

Well wow, we're kicking off this blog post well aren't we. 
A salad, yes I bought a salad. 

This just looked quite nice, so I got it for my lunch tomorrow as I'm at work all day. 
See, healthy eating isn't going to bad is it?!

Morrisons - £2.46

I absolutely LOVE stickers.
I really can't say much else about this purchase about from I really, really do love stickers.
I don't know what on earth I'm going to stick these too, but I'll find something.
The packet on the left are flat stickers, where-as the packet on the right are 3D textured stickers.

New Look - £1 per packet

These are great. 
I mainly use them to wipe down the kitchen, but they always come in handy...
So, I got four packets.
Haha, probably a bit extensive but they're just so cheap so why not! 

Wilkinsons - £0.50 per packet

I used to use these foamburst's so long ago, and saw them in Wilkinsons for the cheapest price in the "We want to get rid of this" section, so I picked up two! 
I didn't really care about the scents because they were so cheap, but I absolutely love the feel of foamburst's.

Wilkinsons - £0.50 each

See I don't really see this as a "haul acceptable" product, but I'm literally showing you everything I got. 

I think this was the conditioner that we bought when me and my boyfriend first moved in together, so I thought I'd get it again, throwback and all that. 

Wilkinsons - £0.95 

These are the most handy thing you can ever own. 
They're so great because they have a soft side that cleans most of your dishes, and then a slightly rougher side that will do anything else. 
Also, look how many you get!! 

Wilkinsons - £0.80

Mince, oh Mince.
Mince is great in everything, but my boyfriend doesn't like it.
I think he's honestly never had it, so I'm going to make something tasty and see if he'll eat it!

Morrisons - £1.84 

This is to go with the mince.
You can 100% blame Carly Rowena for this, as I watch her vlogs religiously, and she and her boyfriend ALWAYS make a chilli and leave it in the slow cooker all day.
We bought a slow cooker roughly a year ago, and have probably used it twice, maybe?
So I'm going to try this because everytime I see it in her vlog I get a huge craving for it!

Morrisons - £0.88

I needed some cheese...
I only wanted it for a pasta bake so I bought cheap cheese...

Morrisons - £1.15 

Honey, I love you. 
Honey always comes in really handy whether it's going in porridge, being used as a sweetner or maybe even going on Pancakes?
I'll have to try that one.

Morrisons - £2.00

Eventhough it's February, New Look seems to still have some brilliant sales on!
I saw this top, debated on it for a while thinking "will this make me look like a raging alchoholic?"
Then I thought, I don't care.
So I bought it.
It is quite perfectly, me.

New Look - £3.00

Back to Wilkos products, I bought some dusters.
I don't quite know why I bought some dusters, but I'm sure they'll come in handy.

Wilkinsons - £0.71

I drive to work at the most awkward time of the day, and that's when the sun is right in your eyes.
I already have a couple of pairs of sunglasses, but these were also in the really cheap sale section of New Look. 
I tried them on, and thought they looked quite chunky but I think if I wear my hair down they'll look great. 
If they do look awful - I'll just wear them for driving. 

New Look - £0.50

Finally, I bought some plates.
I actually bought two, but thought a picture of one would be more pleasing to the eye.
They're just super cute white heart plates.
I have literally wanted these FOREVER, but have never bought any.
Today, I just did, and I regret nothing.

Wilkinsons - £2.50 each

Thanks for reading guys!

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