10 Annoying Problems When Being Behind A Bar

So, I've now been working behind a bar for almost 3 months, and there's a few things that I've learnt. Not only about the job of course, but about the types of customers you get and how little, little things can annoy staff.

  1. If you're at a pub with a beer garden, and decide to sit in the lovely sun (making the most of life), whilst bar staff are sweating away inside - PLEASE, PLEASE BRING YOUR DIRTY GLASS BACK IN WHILST ASKING FOR A NEW DRINK.
    Otherwise, we then have to do a quick dash whilst the bar is not busy (if ever) to pick up the MILLIONS of glasses you haven't bought back inside, which takes about 4 runs.
    But then again, you'd moan if we didn't have a beer garden wouldn't you!

  2. Putting crisp packets and/or tissues in sticky half-full glasses.
    Would you like to fish out tissues that are half stuck to the inside of glasses? NO.

  3. People who wear lipstick that stains like bleach.
    As 90% of people know, glasses are all put into steam & water dishwashers. This does not remove lipstick that sticks to glasses like chewing gum to a bit of carpet.
    If you were rushed off your feet serving customer after customer, not having a second to think - do you have time to get someone's BRIGHT RED NON-REMOVABLE lipstick off a glass?

  4. Bar Hoggers, this is the only way to describe them.
    So you buy a drink, receive your drink, then continue to stand at the bar in everyone else's way.
    This then forces us to shout at the next customer over your head, which you don't like.
    Your fault, shouldn't take up the whole bar. 

  5. 'Same again'
    Sorry but since you last came to the bar, I served roughly 100 people. Don't get annoyed at me when I ask you what your drink was because I don't specifically remember your 'same again'.

  6. Slang nicknames for drinks.
    I think behind every bar needs an A-Z of every single possible nickname for every drink, in every country. It gets very annoying.

  7. 'Put it on the tab' - Proceeds to walk off.

  8. Impatient people.
    Someone walks in wanting a drink, but can already clearly see that you are serving someone else as you are already pouring a drink - however, they still proceed to arrogantly shout their order at you, and don't say sorry when they realise they are in the wrong.

  9. You're stood behind the bar, in a pub full of people.
    Someone walks in THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR (which was obviously open - because they just walked through it) and then asks "Are you open and serving drinks?"
    This is getting ridiculous.

  10. When someone is stood in front of the whole menu, looks at only the special board and asks "Is that all you do? You don't have anything apart from specials?"
Some things just get to you, and sometimes you just can't believe how silly people are.
Tell me of any stories you have from your work, I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading!