Saltburn Food Festival 2014

Today I went to Saltburn Food festival.
I didn't know what expectation to have as I've never been before, but these were the two poster's I saw prior to the event.

From both of these poster's I decided it sounded quite fun, and the sound of a Hog Roast was very appealing (I LOVE hog roast).

I thought my bag of choice today was perfect for a food festival.
Asda (George) - £6/8 (I can't remember).

This was a view of the street.
It was so busy. There's a slight gap in this picture in the crowd where there are no people - THAT'S A LIE!
It was so packed, you were getting pushed into every 5 seconds.
As this is the second year the event has run, if they do a third, I definitely think they should spread the event further across the town, or simply not do it on a sunday when there's a lot less public transport - THERE WAS NO-WHERE TO PARK EITHER!

I didn't actually buy anything from this stall as it was all quite sweet stuff, but I ascetically liked it.
It's green/brown colour scheme and bright packaging just caught my eye.
Well done, Chunk. 

Isn't this person's handwriting just beautiful?
Also, this person's fudge was AMAZING.
I didn't get their name/details and now I'm very disappointed, they were too good to not have again.
I bought 4 different slices for £5 as a deal - Peanut Butter, Crunchie, Pistachio & butterscotch.
They were so soft and light, and also not too sickly - which is great!
Yummy, yummy, yummy. 

Went for a little wander down to the front to get away from all the hectic-ness for a while, isn't Saltburn just so cute?
As a child, you really don't appreciate where you live.

I may not look happy to have a snowcone, but I am ECSTATIC to have a snowcone - I've never had one before!

Flavours from L to R: Strawberry, Cola & Tropical.
£2.50 for this beast!
It was beautiful.

These are some pig biscuits that I picked up for my brother.
4 biscuits, which are slightly smaller than my hand for £2!
I personally think that's quite expensive, but oh-well, he loves piggies.

If you think it's weird that I haven't got any picture's of hog roast I was going to eat - it's because by the time I got there, all that was left was sausages.
I was so sad.
I settled for a Moroccan falafel wrap instead which was very nice, but it wasn't a hog roast was it.
I did take a picture of it, but it's oh-so-ridiculously blurred that there is no point in even uploading it, sorry.

Anyway thank's for reading this post guy's - I was going to vlog the day buy honestly it was so crowded and awkward that it just wasn't going to work.


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Walk no.3!

I walked & documented my journey once again.
The first one I vlogged, which can be seen on my YouTube channel here!
Also a super cute walk, but this time I took my DSLR Nikon and tried to get some 'pro' photos.
Or some photos for my new Photography project, meh either would do.
This is the turnout - 
Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :)

Saw this cute graffiti. The yorkshire Banksy?

This, just - wow. WOW.

Saltburn is super cute 

I haven't edited this photo at all, but come on, It's the hobbit door.
We all know and love the hobbit door.
The hobbit door needs no edit.

I tried to go all pro photographer on the glass, but the glass wasn't having it.
Great café though.
This lamp just had such a pretty design.
A fork.
I was actually focusing my camera and testing how good it is, but anyway - Here's a fork.

The viaduct I had to walk under on my journey.
My friend's lunch - I'm actually jealous and SO hungry as I'm writing this post - That's it I'm pausing for a second to get food, but obviously, you keep on reading ;) unless you're starving too.
Me and my friend started people watching, and I thought this photo was actually really cute.
I also love doing this style of edit onto photos.

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Tonight I feel like I went on a significant adventure. It was unplanned, and great.

My friend came over and we decided to walk to a nearby seaside town, which was roughly 3 miles away via a woodland track.

We started off our journey by just jumping a fence near my house, as it led directly to where we wanted to be, where-as the paths were big de-tour.
Me being 5"2, I'm not very good at climbing fences 😞.
I tried to get up once, fell back down, them tried again and actually got up, whilst bruising all of my arm and ripping my tights, great start.

Then we picked up another friend spontaneously along the way, and carried on trekking

A fair way into our journey, we came across a tree that had fallen down, we had to go through the bushes around it! 

Sorry about the horrifically blurry photo, I clearly forgot how to take a simple photo of a fallen tree. 

It was roughly 10.40pm by the time we made it to the seaside, and it was just beautiful.

After walking around for a while, we realised it was almost midnight and decided as the forest was rather creepy to walk through, we shall get a taxi back.

After phoning taxi companies for about 10 minutes, we finally got a taxi to drop us off near ish my house (obviously never at my actual house, duh). It was only £6.50! Very cheap for a taxi!

On the short walk back to my house we met this little guy, how cute.

Thanks for reading. :)
Also sorry if this post is a bit poo, I did it all on the mobile app, which let's face it, isn't the best!

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Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner - OH MY GOD!

Normally, I never ever EVER get excited over make-up, but then I saw that Benefit are releasing a new Eye-liner in their "They're Real" collection.

I haven't got it to try as it is released on June 28th, but I am sure as heck going to get it!
It's THE perfect eye-liner for winged/cat eye.
It's a gel liner on an angled tip, so it glides over the lid easily and create's a mess free, perfect every time flick. 
No-one understand's how excited I am.

I've looked at a few people's reviews of it and they all say it's amazing.
Everyone states it's easy to apply, stays on well and it just all round PERFECT.

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Yesterday I tried a new type of video on my YouTube channel.
Throughout the day, I took a bunch of photo's to represent what I was doing, I then got home, put them into a video, added music and BAM - a video was created.
It's obviously not THE best video, as it's kind of a prototype.
Essentially, it is just a "Day in the life" video, but with picture's instead of video clips!
Below is the finished video that I uploaded to YouTube. 
I hope it's enjoyable.
I'm going to insert some piture's below and talk about them a bit in detail, as these type of picture video's are a bit vague.
If I do more video's like this, would you like me to also write a blog post to go with it?
I'm not sure, but it would mean a video AND a blog post together! 
That's always a bonus.
Little disclaimer - none of the photo's are amazing quality because I was using my S3 (I'm not saying my S3 is bad quality, I wasn't trying really hard for good photo's as I wasn't initially going to make a video out of it).
If I do this again, I may use my big-girl camera.

This was just when I woke up, isn't my lamp-shade so pretty?
(I got it from The Range for anyone that want's to know).
Went up to Newcastle for the day. Isn't this place just lovely?!
It's in the Metro Centre food hall/court thing.
I know this picture is exceptionally bad quality, but I was walking haha.
Once again, horrific quality as I was in a moving car, but,
(I've never seen this before, if you cannot tell.
Had a quick Lunch in John Lewis. Grilled Halloumi on focaccio, and boy it was delicious.
Cheeky selfie while shopping at The Range.
I love that place.
Outfit change of the day.
This was my outfit for the Indian meal, all I was wearing was black.
Wow, I'm so colourful.
This was the dish I chose from the Indian.
Chicken Tikka Rasala.
IT WAS AMAZING. I could eat it all over again.
I think it was one of the best Indian's I've ever had - Jadoo in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.
This was how I concluded my night.
I just sat on my laptop, edited the video, uploaded it and then went to sleep.
Also - Isn't my lock screen awesome?!
It's me on bonfire night with a sparkler.
Anyway - I hope this post was remotely enjoyable.
Please do tell me if you like this joint with the video - Thanks for reading!

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Phoenix Rising | LUSH Review


I picked up this lush product and was pleasantly surprised. 
When I first smelt it, It was very strong and you got an overpowering wiff of spice.
Once it settled in the bath though, the smell calmed down and it was just a soft cinnamon.
The first colour to come out is purple (kind of obvious due to the pictures) and then a lovely green colour comes out. This make's the bath a mist of different colours!
This bath bomb is said to have a blend of Cocoa and Shea butters in it so when you come out of the bath, your skin is left feeling very soft. This is in fact the case and as I went in the bath in great need of relaxation (after Boxercise) this bath bomb was just the right choice. 
As for the glitter, as you can see a lot on the actual bath bomb before it had made contact with water and when you pick it up, your fingers get glittery - it was rather disappointing. 
I didn't notice ANY glitter in the bath. I was expecting slightly more, but then again I don't to come out of the bath looking like Joey Essex.
(If you didn't understand that reference - )
I also looked at other people's reviews of this product and many said they had purple staining on either their hair (if light coloured) or on their skin and that transferred onto towels.
I didn't get any of this but I can see how this would be a big problem, it's definitely not what you want from a bath bomb.

Overall, I do think this is a great bath bomb to use after a stressful day but I don't think it's quite worth the hype!

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