Yesterday I tried a new type of video on my YouTube channel.
Throughout the day, I took a bunch of photo's to represent what I was doing, I then got home, put them into a video, added music and BAM - a video was created.
It's obviously not THE best video, as it's kind of a prototype.
Essentially, it is just a "Day in the life" video, but with picture's instead of video clips!
Below is the finished video that I uploaded to YouTube. 
I hope it's enjoyable.
I'm going to insert some piture's below and talk about them a bit in detail, as these type of picture video's are a bit vague.
If I do more video's like this, would you like me to also write a blog post to go with it?
I'm not sure, but it would mean a video AND a blog post together! 
That's always a bonus.
Little disclaimer - none of the photo's are amazing quality because I was using my S3 (I'm not saying my S3 is bad quality, I wasn't trying really hard for good photo's as I wasn't initially going to make a video out of it).
If I do this again, I may use my big-girl camera.

This was just when I woke up, isn't my lamp-shade so pretty?
(I got it from The Range for anyone that want's to know).
Went up to Newcastle for the day. Isn't this place just lovely?!
It's in the Metro Centre food hall/court thing.
I know this picture is exceptionally bad quality, but I was walking haha.
Once again, horrific quality as I was in a moving car, but,
(I've never seen this before, if you cannot tell.
Had a quick Lunch in John Lewis. Grilled Halloumi on focaccio, and boy it was delicious.
Cheeky selfie while shopping at The Range.
I love that place.
Outfit change of the day.
This was my outfit for the Indian meal, all I was wearing was black.
Wow, I'm so colourful.
This was the dish I chose from the Indian.
Chicken Tikka Rasala.
IT WAS AMAZING. I could eat it all over again.
I think it was one of the best Indian's I've ever had - Jadoo in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.
This was how I concluded my night.
I just sat on my laptop, edited the video, uploaded it and then went to sleep.
Also - Isn't my lock screen awesome?!
It's me on bonfire night with a sparkler.
Anyway - I hope this post was remotely enjoyable.
Please do tell me if you like this joint with the video - Thanks for reading!

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