Newquay - The house in the sea.

So, while I was staying in Fowey, Cornwall I ventured out to Newquay.
After being told it's quite like one of my home towns (Scarborough), it didn't sound massively appealing,
 but I went anyway.
(My own photo)
When we got there the shops were quite good, I think it was more the people who lived there..
When we went down to the sea front, we saw this lone house in the middle of the sea.
It looks horrifying!
I'd hate to live there, I mean, just imagine it!
There's only one way in and out, which is just that single thin bridge.
What about when it's windy!?
Also, what if the rocks beneath it's structure's give way. 
I know I'm thinking all negatively but I honestly couldn't live there, it be so scary.
After looking it up on trusty Google, I found out it's actually called "The House in the Sea".
Turns out it's a rental place that you can book for a holiday.
If you'd like to know more; check here.

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