So I'm starting this at 14:31.
Today has been kind of a crappy-day.
The weather is absolutely miserable! It's raining so much!

Most of the family went home after been here for over a week. 
It's really quite now.

I was going to go down to the beach to collect some more stones to paint - oh wait, it's pouring down.
Now the plan is to go to the cinema to see Alan Partridge's film "Alpha Papa".
Should be good, the trailer looks absolutely amazing!

Yesterday sucked as well! I planned to upload a video yesterday, that I edited over a week ago.
I then go to look for it in my files on my laptop and it's nowhere to be seen.
I spent over an hour looking!
I've now located the un-edited version of it but I spent so long originally editing it that I don't know if I actually want to sit down and edit it again :(.
I may...
I don't know.

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