Fun in Fowey!

So for the past week or so I've been staying in Fowey. 
I've done one "Day in the life" video on YouTube which was all filmed in Fowey.
I've been having a lot of fun and been doing a lot of different things.

I travailed to Wadebridge and did a 5 and a half mile bike ride to Padstow and back (in total, 11 miles).
That was killer considering we used rental bikes so the seats were really poo.
It was an enjoyable ride though because it's not hills, it's just flat.
It also doesn't have cars, it's designated for bikes!
The most annoying thing about the whole journey was when people decided to ride in big lines, taking up the whole path!
Be considerate! 

I also walked into town to get some food, and then went to find somewhere to sit and eat.
I ended up on the front near the water, and it was packed.
Then a boat came into the harbour and everyone was making a fuss, then I heard people saying it was Richard Branson.
After looking closely I found out it was him and there was "Virgin" guards everywhere.
I got it all on camera and the footage can be shown in the video above! :)

I've also had a meal at "Sam's on the beach" which was okay.
It wasn't as good as it has been in the past, the service was crap but my food was okay.
However, my friend's food was disgraceful and the cooks did nothing to fix this and were just angry that we complained! Silly!

I'm going for a meal tonight at "Sam's burger place" in Fowey.
Same company, but we know the staff who work in this one a lot better so we know it'll be good.

I bought a new maxi dress in the New Look sale shop in St Astell today for £12 and I'm going to wear it tonight I think. 
Such a bargain! 

Anyway, going to go and enjoy the sun a bit. 
I'll leave you with some picture's that I've taken over the past few days :)

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