Sweet Potato?!

So today was my first time tackling a Sweet Potato, what could possibly go wrong?!

I often go to a little cafe called Relish, and they do the most beautiful food and of course, the reason for this story - one of their signature foods is Sweet Potato Fries.
I mean come on, look at this food! *_*
I love Sweet Potato Fries way, way, WAY too much - so I wanted to try them for myself.
Oh no.

I started off by peeling the Sweet Potato.
I don't actually know if you're even meant to peel it - it just felt like the right thing to do. I mean come on, you peel normal potatoes so why wouldn't you peel a Sweet Potato? They aren't that much different are they?

Apart from making the sink an absolute mess with getting potato peel everywhere and almost cutting my hand with the peeler multiple times, this actually went reasonably okay.

This photo is basically me just boasting about how well I peeled those potatoes.
Look at the little one, what even is that?!
It takes real skill to peel something that is that much of an awkward shape.
You can also now see the peeler SHARP THING I was working with.
Me and Sweet potatoes just weren't meant to be.

I got out a bigger knife.
I'm only asking for trouble now.
This is the furthest I got doing my Sweet Potato Fries alone.
I couldn't actually push the knife any further into the potato - it was really tough!
Either that or I'm really pathetically weak.
I need to work out... or get cooking potato cutting lessons.

So after all this hoo-ha, my boyfriend took over and actually managed to cut the monster potatoes, and I clearly forgot to keep taking pictures... so this is the end of my tragic potato story!
On the bright side, all of my fingers are still intact.
For those who'd like to know:
I put the potatoes on a tin foil lined baking tray covered in oil, pepper and salt for 20 minutes in the oven.
The result of them was cooked... but not crisp - could have been much better.
If anyone has any tips, they would be very much appreciated.
Going to attempt round two tomorrow - watch this space!

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Long time no speak

Hello, hello, hello!

It's been quite a while since I've wrote a blog post - I've been very very busy with life.
I took a break from YouTube, have very slowly got back into it but have been having problems with editing and lack of motivation. As of right now, I've got a video filmed but once again having problems with editing so I kind of just get annoyed and turn the computer off. 
I'll tackle it one day, we hope.

I've had my 4 day a week 'full time' job turned into a 5 day a week 'even-more fuller time job' which is draining.
It's not the fact I have a full time job, I love my job and obviously it's just a thing you have to do in life to survive really, but it's trying to fit everything else in my life around that, such as; 
Driving lessons, practising in my own car, visiting friends, visiting family, doing coursework, filming and editing videos, trying to think of ways to become the next billionaire, owning a flat duties such as cleaning & other 'adulty' things.
It's quite exhausting really, I don't seem to have a second to sit down.

If you'd like to see more regular updates from me, Facebook seems to be where it's at!
YouTube video's I try for once a week, but if I don't have a chance to edit or film they're every 2 weeks-ish.
I'll try and catch you again soon Blogger, bye!

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