Long time no speak

Hello, hello, hello!

It's been quite a while since I've wrote a blog post - I've been very very busy with life.
I took a break from YouTube, have very slowly got back into it but have been having problems with editing and lack of motivation. As of right now, I've got a video filmed but once again having problems with editing so I kind of just get annoyed and turn the computer off. 
I'll tackle it one day, we hope.

I've had my 4 day a week 'full time' job turned into a 5 day a week 'even-more fuller time job' which is draining.
It's not the fact I have a full time job, I love my job and obviously it's just a thing you have to do in life to survive really, but it's trying to fit everything else in my life around that, such as; 
Driving lessons, practising in my own car, visiting friends, visiting family, doing coursework, filming and editing videos, trying to think of ways to become the next billionaire, owning a flat duties such as cleaning & other 'adulty' things.
It's quite exhausting really, I don't seem to have a second to sit down.

If you'd like to see more regular updates from me, Facebook seems to be where it's at!
YouTube video's I try for once a week, but if I don't have a chance to edit or film they're every 2 weeks-ish.
I'll try and catch you again soon Blogger, bye!

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