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To be a little bit different to my usual YouTube hauls, I thought I'd do a haul on here.

H&M Choker - £1.99 
I saw this in the Halloween section and absolutely fell in love with it.
I've been looking for random little bits to add to my ever-growing Halloween collection, and thought this would fit in perfectly, it can also be worn on the lead-up to Halloween, so isn't strictly just for the night itself.
I honestly feel like I'm going to be wearing this everyday until November.

Primark False Nails - £1 each
Biting my nails has become a big problem again, so my way of battling that is always getting false nails.
I got some funky Halloween ones (today's shop seemed to be very Halloween themed) and then some normal ones because why not.

Primark Socks - £3.00
 All of my socks seem to be disappearing, okay? I blame the washing machine.
H&M Nail Stickers - £1.99
 Once again, something else that is Halloween themed, but HOW CUTE!!
I've promised myself I'm going to stop biting my nails, hence the fake one's to try and help me stop.
Once I do stop, making my nails all pretty will be my main priority.
Does anyone have any tips for not biting your nails? It's an awful habit that I just can't stop.
Primark Facial Wipes - £1 each
Once again, another essential. One pack for me - one pack for Dave.
(His are the pink ones, hehe)

Superdrug MUA Nail Polish - £1.00 each
I really fancied some white & grey nail polishes just to see what the colours look like on my nails, so I went for quite a cheap make, which I've never had for nail polish.
Has anyone else used their polish before?

H&M Jersey - £9.99 
I didn't plan on buying a T-shirt today, but just look at how adorable it is!
H&M tops are half-half, some of them are great fitting and some are just absolutely ridiculous.
Luckily, this was one that was a perfect fit!

Lush Products - £3.95 each
Who doesn't love a bit of Lush's seasonal collections?
I'm resisting to buy any of their Christmas products so soon, so I went with their Halloween ones.
I got the 'Lord of Misrule' Bath Bomb which I'm really excited to use, I really have a problem with loving bath bombs. haha!
The second product is 'Nightwing' Shower Jelly.
I can't lie, I'm not entirely sure what this product does (I'm obviously guessing it's just an alternative funky shower gel) but the pure reason I bought it was that once it comes out of the packaging - it's in the shape of a Bat!!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, thanks guys!

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