Tonight I feel like I went on a significant adventure. It was unplanned, and great.

My friend came over and we decided to walk to a nearby seaside town, which was roughly 3 miles away via a woodland track.

We started off our journey by just jumping a fence near my house, as it led directly to where we wanted to be, where-as the paths were big de-tour.
Me being 5"2, I'm not very good at climbing fences 😞.
I tried to get up once, fell back down, them tried again and actually got up, whilst bruising all of my arm and ripping my tights, great start.

Then we picked up another friend spontaneously along the way, and carried on trekking

A fair way into our journey, we came across a tree that had fallen down, we had to go through the bushes around it! 

Sorry about the horrifically blurry photo, I clearly forgot how to take a simple photo of a fallen tree. 

It was roughly 10.40pm by the time we made it to the seaside, and it was just beautiful.

After walking around for a while, we realised it was almost midnight and decided as the forest was rather creepy to walk through, we shall get a taxi back.

After phoning taxi companies for about 10 minutes, we finally got a taxi to drop us off near ish my house (obviously never at my actual house, duh). It was only £6.50! Very cheap for a taxi!

On the short walk back to my house we met this little guy, how cute.

Thanks for reading. :)
Also sorry if this post is a bit poo, I did it all on the mobile app, which let's face it, isn't the best!

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