Walk no.3!

I walked & documented my journey once again.
The first one I vlogged, which can be seen on my YouTube channel here!
Also a super cute walk, but this time I took my DSLR Nikon and tried to get some 'pro' photos.
Or some photos for my new Photography project, meh either would do.
This is the turnout - 
Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :)

Saw this cute graffiti. The yorkshire Banksy?

This, just - wow. WOW.

Saltburn is super cute 

I haven't edited this photo at all, but come on, It's the hobbit door.
We all know and love the hobbit door.
The hobbit door needs no edit.

I tried to go all pro photographer on the glass, but the glass wasn't having it.
Great café though.
This lamp just had such a pretty design.
A fork.
I was actually focusing my camera and testing how good it is, but anyway - Here's a fork.

The viaduct I had to walk under on my journey.
My friend's lunch - I'm actually jealous and SO hungry as I'm writing this post - That's it I'm pausing for a second to get food, but obviously, you keep on reading ;) unless you're starving too.
Me and my friend started people watching, and I thought this photo was actually really cute.
I also love doing this style of edit onto photos.

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