Saltburn Food Festival 2014

Today I went to Saltburn Food festival.
I didn't know what expectation to have as I've never been before, but these were the two poster's I saw prior to the event.

From both of these poster's I decided it sounded quite fun, and the sound of a Hog Roast was very appealing (I LOVE hog roast).

I thought my bag of choice today was perfect for a food festival.
Asda (George) - £6/8 (I can't remember).

This was a view of the street.
It was so busy. There's a slight gap in this picture in the crowd where there are no people - THAT'S A LIE!
It was so packed, you were getting pushed into every 5 seconds.
As this is the second year the event has run, if they do a third, I definitely think they should spread the event further across the town, or simply not do it on a sunday when there's a lot less public transport - THERE WAS NO-WHERE TO PARK EITHER!

I didn't actually buy anything from this stall as it was all quite sweet stuff, but I ascetically liked it.
It's green/brown colour scheme and bright packaging just caught my eye.
Well done, Chunk. 

Isn't this person's handwriting just beautiful?
Also, this person's fudge was AMAZING.
I didn't get their name/details and now I'm very disappointed, they were too good to not have again.
I bought 4 different slices for £5 as a deal - Peanut Butter, Crunchie, Pistachio & butterscotch.
They were so soft and light, and also not too sickly - which is great!
Yummy, yummy, yummy. 

Went for a little wander down to the front to get away from all the hectic-ness for a while, isn't Saltburn just so cute?
As a child, you really don't appreciate where you live.

I may not look happy to have a snowcone, but I am ECSTATIC to have a snowcone - I've never had one before!

Flavours from L to R: Strawberry, Cola & Tropical.
£2.50 for this beast!
It was beautiful.

These are some pig biscuits that I picked up for my brother.
4 biscuits, which are slightly smaller than my hand for £2!
I personally think that's quite expensive, but oh-well, he loves piggies.

If you think it's weird that I haven't got any picture's of hog roast I was going to eat - it's because by the time I got there, all that was left was sausages.
I was so sad.
I settled for a Moroccan falafel wrap instead which was very nice, but it wasn't a hog roast was it.
I did take a picture of it, but it's oh-so-ridiculously blurred that there is no point in even uploading it, sorry.

Anyway thank's for reading this post guy's - I was going to vlog the day buy honestly it was so crowded and awkward that it just wasn't going to work.


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