Hi, I'm Hayley.

I'm Hayley, also known as SUPERH4YLS.

First things first, let's get over this name...
I know it's a bit cheesey, but at the time - I really really loved Superman.
I still do, but not to the extent of coming up with that kind of name? 
It also has a 4 used in it because, one site I was joining already had 'superhayls' taken...
Oh well.

My main thing is YouTube.
I try to post videos once a week, sometimes it's more - sometimes it's a few days late - it depends.
I do a whole load of random things, so it's best you check it out yourself!

I blog a few times a month, from rambly messes of how my day was, rants, to hauls and even reviews!

As you can probably already tell, I'm a bit of a bumbly person. I get taken off topic very easily because the smallest and stupidest things catch my attention!
I'm obsessed with cats and catcus' (what a mix).

If I sound like the person you can have a laugh with (or laugh at, completely your choice) then hit me up below!
You can find me in various places on the internet: 

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