What's happened to YOU-Tube?

I don't know. I honestly just don't know
If you check onto my YouTube channel, you can see - I haven't posted a video since late September.
(Which at that was still only a Monday Minute)

I'm slacking, and I know I am - but I don't know why.
I've lost all motivation for basically everything in life.
I'm sick of YouTube, me making video's I love - and people saying they hate them or they think it's pathetic. It's a hobby. It's my hobby.
I'm sick of my social name 'SUPERH4YLS' but I don't know what to change it too of if I even should. I should be proud of it.
I'm tied up in my job working all hours, which I keep saying I'm sick of.
But really I love it.
We moved house, and I love it - but - It's now winter.
We can't get the garden sorted ready for next year because it's too cold and nothing will grow,
It's not 'ours' yet as there is still decorating to do and ugh it's just going to take time,
People ask, all the time.
I smile.
I've lost a passion for everything, and I'm trying to regain it.
I think I've been put down one-too-many times that now it's actually getting to me.
but still - I smile.

I'm going to try and get back into everything, but I'm going to take my own time.
I want to write blog posts, so I'm going to.
I want to do a couple of videos, when I want to. So I will.

Sorry for the moan, I'm just not feeling too good.


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  1. I feel ya hunny. WE all get in the slumps. Lord knows it's not the first and it probably won't be the last. You need time to breathe, I think. Don't be too hard on yourself. The thing about having a hobby is you can take breaks when you need to, and shape and mold it to fit you. Lots of luv and hugz from across the pond. :)