Pixie Footware Wishlist!

I stumbled across Pixie Footware whilst scrolling through the internet, and absolutely loved some of the footware they had!

I'd like to share with you below some of my favourite bits from their website!
You can check out their website yourself here: http://www.pixiefootwear.com/

Becky Grey - £69.95
I stumbled across these absolutely beautiful boots. 
They suit me much more than the quite a few of the other boots on the website, as they're just slip-on. 
A lot of the boots have buckle features which isn't my thing at all, I like things to be easy!
Although, due to the zip feature I won't feel like they are just going to fall off.
The shade of grey is also beautiful. We all know I have a thing for grey. 
Emily Berry - £64.95
Second to grey, I absolutely love burgandy. 
These boots are so cute! They look like they will snuggle your feet due to the furry lining, but still give you elegance with the heel.

Izzy Black - £64.95
I've chosen these boots to show you all as I've already got some that look exactly the same, apart from grey!
This type of slip on allows you easily to get your foot into the shoe, but still grips around your leg so that they don't feel loose.
I'd recommend these to anyone! 

Ruby Black - £69.95
The final pair of boots on my wishlist are these beautiful long leg boots. 
I totally wish I had the legs to pull these off!
Legs anything even close to that would do to be honest haha!

Thanks for reading, I hope I've inspired you to look at Pixie and their great range of shoes. 

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