Eyeshadow Collection

Hi guys!
Today I'm going to be sharing with you my Eyeshadow collection.
Don't get me wrong, it's not very big but hey-ho it's Eyeshadow and who doesn't love that?!

Firstly I'll start off with my most used pallete by MUA.
Ever After - Matte Pallete.
This pallete isn't necessarily the best quality, but the colour 'Penny' (bottom left) was the absolute perfect colour for my eyebrows.
This pallete was also one of my first, so I'd use it for a subtle smokey eye, so I've quite badly hit pan.

This is the only other MUA pallete I own, Glitter Ball.
I don't think I actually have used this one so much, just on the odd occasion.
The fact I've hit pan on two of them is because I dropped it....oops.

Revolution Pallete Mermaids VS Unicorns
I bought this pallete especially for Fireworks night.
I have used it for that one night, and not again.
I do love the shades in this pallete though, and how there's one's to mix them with instead of the one of bright tone like the next pallete.

Revolution Pallete Acid Brights
I can't remember when, or why I bought this pallete.
The colours are all a bit too bright for me but oh well, they may come in handy one day!

Revolution Pallete Romantic Smoked
I do quite like this pallete, it's very good to mix with the Iconic 2 pallete.
Some of the colours go rather nicely together.

Revolution Pallete Iconic 2
This pallete is probably one of my favorites. It's just all lovely subtle tones that go with everything.

MAC Woodwinked
This colour is just absolutely beautiful.
It's lovely to blend out with some colours from the Revolution palletes, but I just generally love everything about this eyeshadow. The quality, the colour, the sparkle!

Bobbi Brown Fawn (9)
This colour is just the perfect colour as you can wear it alone and it doesn't look odd, or you can layer it up and blend it with other shadows and create the most beautiful smokey eye.

Lancome Paris 325 Deep Purple
This shade is just beautiful.
That is all.

MAC Mythology 
Like my other Mac pot, I love this one too!
This one is a lot less subtle and I use it a lot less, but I still just absolutely love the quality of MAC.

Thanks for reading guys

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