So, if you haven't already noticed, there's a few things different this time you've visited my blog.. 

Firstly, your search bar says something different! 
Instead of being (which still works), my domain is now 

Secondly, my blog layout has been totally revamped!
I got tired with the old look, so thought as I was committing myself to a domain, why not go in for the kill and give my blog a whole new look as well!
I'm going to be working a lot harder on my blog from now on.
I'm starting new themes of posts, such as 'lists' which personally, I'm very excited about. 

So if you'd like to see more of my rants and day-to-day life, please visit again!
There's a follow button to your right for various websites as this one itself, bloglovin' and more.
If you are more into videos, I've got a YouTube channel where I upload vlogs, rants, hauls and more - you can subscribe to that by clicking that lovely button over to your right, but if not just click here.
For anything else, visit my contact page.
That also now showcases my newest Instagram posts, which I do think is very snazzy.

No one said a little bit of self-promo once in a while will ever harm anyone, haha.

Thanks for reading

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