SPRING STAPLES // featuring Powder

We are currently slap bang in the middle of spring, so here are my spring staples by Powder.
I've also thrown in a few other favourites that I found whilst scrolling through their website, I couldn't resist! 

If you would like to know more about the brand 'Powder' - check their About Us page on their website.
Their website design is so cute, it really reflects their amazing products!

'Daisy' - £13

This beautiful scarf if perfect for spring.
It's not too thick, yet still not to thin so it will give you a bit of warmth.
I love its neutral colour, so it attracts you to it because of it's beautiful flowery pattern instead of bright colours.

 'Chamonix Headband' - £22

This Headband is made out of Faux Fur.
It will be great for Spring as it'll keep your head warm in that stylish way.
The colour is very subtle so once again just looks classy instead of taking the focus away from your outfit. 

'Lucy' - £16

This is another thinner scarf, but with a pop of colour.
If your outfit is a bit dull, this just brightens your whole outfit up.
This works perfectly with a black skater dress and your favourite cute boots.
This scarf does come in different colour combinations, but this was my favourite.
The vibrant pink as the base with the mint and pale tones on top was just too cute.

 'Rosie' - £20 

This scarf is thicker than the other one's I chose, but this one I probably love the most.
I love the colour combinations. it would go so lovely with a thin coat, blue jeans and this lovely cosy scarf. 
Also, the button for added detail is just adorable.

'Rosie Mittens' - £13

This could be slightly more towards a winter product, but it's also perfect for those colder spring days and will be very useful when it becomes Autumn again, and knowing how fast this year is already going - Autumn will be here in no time!
These adorable mittens are perfect for a cold Sunday's walk.

Grab your spring staples from Powder here: 

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