Lipstick, salt spray & vanilla!

So today while I had a free at college, I went and bought some things :)
I bought all of the vanilla products from Boyes for £2 and the other products will be listed on each photo.

This is a body butter from the set, it doesn't smell amazing but it's okay.

This is the lipgloss from the set and I think this is the best thing about the whole set! It taste's like a nice vanilla and it's actually a great lip gloss. It has a good wear and doesn't just come off too quickly and it's also really shiny which make's it look great to wear.

This is the third and final item from the set and it's a bath & shower gel. This smells absolutely lush and I can't wait to use it! It won't have anything on my favourite vanilla biscuit shower gel though.

The story behind me buying this is basically, I've lost my straighteners.
I feel like I need to do at least something with my hair and I heard this was good so tadaa!
I'm going to try it tomorrow, I hope it looks half decent.
I think it was roughly £3 in Boots

This is the lipstick I got. It's shade 08.
I love this range of lipstick and after loosing my almost empty soap&glory one I felt like I needed a new one.
(I'm not good at keeping things).
I don't think it's as pink as it looks in the picture, but it's a really nice shade.
This was just under £6 in Boots.

This is a photo of me wearing the lipstick, I don't think it does it much justice though!
Everyone should go to boots and see themselves.

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