Shopping & friends!

Today's has been a good day :)
I haven't seen some of my friends in roughly two months so I met up with two of them today in town!
It was so nice to see them again.
We did a lot of shopping, walking and talking.

We had lunch at Weatherspoons which was standard. 
The chip's there are absolutely lush and are cooked to perfection but everything else is just meh.
We had a lot of laugh's though!
I also accidentally managed to flick a pea into her lemonade, oops. >_<

I also picked up some Lipton's peach tea, it's so nice!
If they sold it in more places I honestly think I'd be obsessed.
I swear I didn't buy that much but I managed to spend a bit of money, even though I'm on a very tight budget due to having a VERY small income and having to pay for college fee's.
Life sucks right now when it comes to money.

The only thing that went wrong with the day is that my tight's got a massive hole in and started to ladder!
Luckily when I went into New Look they had sale tights for £1.50 so I bought them and changed.

To finish off the day we had a Starbucks and then went out separate ways.
I hope I keep in touch with all of my friends, it sucks that we've all gone to separate college's.

I didn't actually buy this hat in the end..

Got this awesome onesie in the New Look sale for £10!

Got this at Primark for £10!

Got these cute little slippers at Primark for £3.
They're so comfy!

Thank-you for reading :)

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