"Now You See Me" review.

This film is truly a mystery. I didn't have high expectations for this film but after watching it in possibly the worst cinema setting I could, it actually turned out to be quite good.
I'm sure if I watched it in the comfort of my own home (as I shall do when it comes out on Blu-Ray) and not in the cinema with squeaky chairs, smelly people and a man who wouldn't stop grunting/snoring/groaning throughout, then I'm sure I would have found it even more enjoyable.
The film has a brilliant begging with good ideas and a good show of each person's character. It's also awesome how each character has their own little magician style / profession and it's bought together to form  "The 4 Horsemen".
As the film's go on, my hopes of a good film faded a little as it became a bit predictable. Then came the twists.
There are several big twists that you couldn't even imagine would happen!
The two best are the both near the end. Unbelievable. The ending was so good and unexpected!
People turned out to be not who you think they are; I like that in a film.
The surprises and gasps really make the movie.
I recommend this film to everyone, it's enjoyable, fun and keeps you guessing, although be prepared for typical magician type stuff.
Bonus: This film has an all star cast.
Mark Ruffalo (Amazing, amazing man)
Morgan Freeman (God)
Michael Caine (The classic English guy)
The duo we loved from Zombieland; Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg.
Isla Fisher (They did well with her).
Dave Franco (The younger brother of the beautiful James).
Mélanie Laurent (The French).

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