New colour changing, glow in the dark S3 Phone case review!

So I bought a new phone case from Amazon (UK).
In sunlight, It's purple.
In artificial/ bulb light, it's blue.
It also glows in the dark when it's charged with UV light, and it's very vibrant.
I've tried all of these and the two colours shown on the picture exactly match it's real-life colours.
Not only does it have brilliant colours, but it seems to have a sparkly look to it as well, but is still very smooth to the touch!
The case is made of plastic and it quite sturdy.
It of course is more for fashion than protection, but will stop your phone getting all scratched up.
The case also fit's onto the S3 very snug and won't fall off.
The case isn't bulky.
 If you are like me and already have tight pockets, this case proves no problem. 
I would recommend this case! 
If the colours aren't to your liking, there are other's available!
I bought mine here;
If you look through the seller's page I'm sure you'll find their other colours. 

**I did pay for express delivery, which is usually up to 2 days, not including the buying day, but this product arrived through my post-box next day! 
Very quick service! It also comes packaged small enough to fit through a standard letter box if you're out!**

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