Nooris, Brighton.

This is my review on Noori's Indian Restaurant in Brighton.
(On a Wednesday).
Well, it was a quite little restaurant down a pretty dull street, so I didn't know what to think! 
When we walked in, we awkwardly got shown to our seats. The restaurant wasn't very full, there were maybe only 3 tables with people, and we didn't arrive as soon as it opened, we arrived at about 7:30PM.
Didn't have much hope at this point.
The service was possibly the worst part of the night.
It was awkward to catch them and often they'd just walk past, even though barely anyone else was there to attend to.
They seemed jittery and like they didn't know what they were doing for half of the time.
I spilt a drink at one point, and they didn't offer to clean it up or even give us anything to mop a bit of it up with. We had to sit with a soggy table and a soggy napkin - no replacement napkin either.
It was also little things like when they bought over the food, they didn't tell you the plates were hot and just placed them in your hand or on the table with no warning at all.
The food was actually great.
The portions were a nice size, we didn't leave the building feeling bloated.
The flavours were good and all of the food was cooked well and hot.
The table's were too small and quite close to the walls and things, so there was barely any room to breathe.
The lighting was surprisingly good, noted that the shades they had for the light were from B&Q.
The toilet's were awful (speaking of the women's, although I heard the men's was pretty bad too).
The women's was open plan at the top, so as soon as you walked up the stairs you're greeted with two sinks (4 taps). Then you see a door, very close to the sinks with barely any room to move.
If you open this ONE door, there is ONE toilet - yet 4 taps.
The toilet was awful. It was clean, which is fine, but you could barely fit in.
The door was scraping the toilet as you tried to shut it, and getting out was worse than getting in. I practically had to climb onto the toilet to get out!
I also heard that none of the men's taps worked.
The food at this place was great but dining in wasn't top notch. 
If this place does Take-Away I'd definitely recommend it!
Lovely flavours, not worth the hassle. 

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