My new dyed hair.

So, I wanted brighter colours in my hair, but I didn't want to bleach it again as I'm still recovering from the last time, years later.
I first tried to use Directions (lilac, lagoon blue & pink) just on-top of my light brown colour, and only one colour actually showed in my hair (pink). The lilac didn't even dent my hair and the lagoon blue turned out a bit green-y.
I was going to go out and buy some bleach and then go over it again with Directions as it would obviously work then, but I really really didn't want to ruin my hair again.

I went out today and bought a "Ultra Bright Live Color XXL" colour. I wasn't going to bleach it prior to the dye, and I was just hoping it would at least give me a dark shade of pink or cherry type thing.
On the side of the pack it shows comparisons of Blondes to the chosen dye, and "medium blonde" was still shown to be vibrant pink, so I did have hope.
After applying the dye to half of my hair (as a type of dip-dye) and leaving it for 30 minutes, this was the results;
 The dip dye doesn't look this high up when my hair's all natural and flowing. 

Overall, I'm quite happy with the result I got. Live Color XXL is definitely a good dye to use if you don't want to pre-lighten your hair with a different bleach.

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