Breif MAN OF STEEL review.

This movie was perfect.
I went into the cinema thinking it would be a let down, just like the other Superman films, but oh, how I was mistaken.
The film was visually beautiful. Krypton was shown very well using CGI.
I also loved the story and the twist's. Superman really needed an origin story before jumping straight into it, and that's what we got. Some of the things that happened (not going to name due to spoilers) you really didn't expect.
I think Henry Cavill was a very good choice to play Clark/Kal. I didn't think this at first, from looking at poster's pre-movie, I didn't think he had the look or attitude to play Superman, but it turns out he was very very good at it.
The only fault I have with the entire movie is Lois (played by Amy Adams). I think Amy plays Lois quite well, maybe a bit less boisterous than expected of Lois at times, but all-in-all okay, but with all that said, WHAT IS HER HAIR?
Lois is meant to have dark hair, or at least brown! NOT GINGER!
It really annoyed me, I know it's a bit picky, but meh.
My favourite Lois ever is Erica Durance in Smallville, I think her attitude and look is perfect.
Man Of Steel is over-all the best film of the year SO FAR. You won't regret spending your money on this one.

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