Possibly the worst Indian experience ever. (Passage To India, Whitby).

Passage To India, Whitby.
As I said in a earlier post, I went to eat here with 11 other people tonight (Saturday 4th May 2013).
It was awful.
We booked the table a week in advance, clearly stating there were 12 of us in total. The table was booked for 7:30.
We all waited outside for everyone to gather and then once all of us were there, we went into the restaurant. This was roughly at 7:25.
Once we all got in there, we got told out table wasn't ready. So they sat us at the front, where the people getting take-aways hang around.
There was a sofa and two single seats, for 12 of us.
We were getting ignored and then it got to 8PM.
We all started to get very hungry as we thought because we had PRE-BOOKED this table for a large number of people, that they would have been prepared.
At 8PM one of the staff came over and said "We're sorry, you can all have free drinks, your table will be another 5 minutes".
After the staff saying this, it took a further 10 minutes to receive the drinks (which most were standing up awkwardly drinking as it was getting crowded).
It then got to 8:30, so we had been waiting an hour.
We finally got seated on the big 12 person table. 
All of the single chairs were crammed so close together, it was almost like it was meant to be a bench. Evidently, eating was quite awkward because you had people's elbows in your face.
They asked us for our poppadoms, which took a further 5 minutes to arrive, at the same time as ordering the poppadoms, we asked for refills. These drinks took even longer to arrive, possibly about another 5 minutes.
The staff quite quickly came and asked us what we wanted for our main, after realising we'd already had an hour to decide and we just wanted our food.
It seemed to take a long time to receive our food, and it all came in parts. Some people were left with nothing for a good 5 minutes while others had ALL of their food and were already tucking in.
At this point some people also asked for more drinks, which took about 5 minutes to arrive. 
The worst think that could possibly happen in an Indian is have a hot curry with no drink.
One friend ordered Milk in great need as he just had a chilli. This Milk took about 10 minutes to come and then when it did come, two separate staff bought a glass each. He ended up with two glasses when he only asked for one!
Another fault with the drinks was we asked for "Three cokes and one lemonade" and they came out with two cokes and two lemonades. We didn't query bother complaining as if we ever got their attention, it would have taken them a further 10 minutes to retrieve the new drinks!
(Keep in mind, we were the table CLOSEST to the bar). 
While eating our Indian, we noticed that out of 12 people, 3 people had napkins, and only 6 had spoons. This was just becoming awful.
The food; I personally had chicken, and it was bland. It tasted almost rubbery. I had a friend also try it to make sure it wasn't just me, and they agreed.
Overall, the food was 10x better than the awful service.
We were very quick to eat up and get out of there, as we didn't want to get poorly treated for much longer.
The staff seemed rude, inattentive and plain lazy.
There also seemed to be a lack of communication between staff.
A fault with the actual residence was the fact there was little seating for people waiting for their tables, and there were two toilets.
Two toilets for an Indian that could easily seat over 100 people. 
Overall, I would not recommend this place to anyone and it was just shocking.
Poorest Indian experience ever.
After reading back, I forgot to mention the weirdly cheap prices. Although this might explain the bland chicken.

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