DR Smith on "And The Glory Of The Lord" By Handel

Dynamics: Originally, they weren't marked. Now, the only dynamics are f and p. 
Rhythm: Each motif's rhythm is different. 
Structure: 4 motifs.

  •  'And The Glory Of The Lord...'
  •  'Shall be revealed...'
  •  'And the flesh shall see it together...'
  •  'For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it...'

Metre: Triple. 
Melody: Each motif has a distinct melody. 
Instrumentation: String orchestra, Bass continuo. 
Tempo: Allegro, the last four bars are marked as Adeigo (a little slower than Allegro).
Time Signature: 3/4.
(I know I've missed some points, I ran out of time).

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