The Melting Snowman (Lush) REVIEW

*First off, I'll start off by saying sorry I haven't posted in a while - I literally have no excuse*
Now onto the review.
I went for a little shop in lush and picked up this cutie!
He was £2.25, which isn't actually that bad.
In the shop, I thought he smelt quite nice, but once I got home and smelt him again, I actually changed my mind.
He didn't smell horrible, but it wasn't the nicest - but this is probably just me being picky.
I popped him into the bath and he melted almost completely.
His nose didn't go in though, that must have fallen off into the bag.
The chocolate didn't melt that well, but I just squished it and then it melted into the water.
Once in the bath, I feel that it smelt better.
It made the bath feel weird, literally like you've just put a bar of galaxy in your bath.
Once I soaked for a nice long time, got out and got cosy in my PJ's, I felt great.
My skin felt really really soft after.
I'd definitely recommend this adorable little product - he's an essential for the Christmas season!
Check out the full details about him on Lush's website here -

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