"THOR: The Dark World" review.

Well, to start off the movie, as always there is a Marvel intro. 
This time, it was particularly snazzy. It was made into almost 3D and just looked really nice to the eye, be aware of that when you go and see it!
I went to see this movie in 2D.
The story throughout is great and very gripping.
I prefer this one much to the first, even though I did enjoy the original.
May I also add - Chris looked MIGHTY fine. He's such a great God.
He's like the perfect size (bulky).
The action and fight scenes were very well done and didn't last too long, yet weren't too short.
A lot of emotion was shown in this film, which I think is great as it connected with the viewer.
The tension between Loki & Thor!!!! - Need I even elaborate.
The special effects in this film was so well done! I didn't see a single fault.
I also loved how it was based in Britain. 
One of the scene's in particular, toward's the end when the world's aligned, that was done so so well!
There is also a LOT of comedy in this movie, but it's done very well.
Loki's sarcastic comments, Thor's general bluntness and of course Jane Foster, she was being very funny too. When she first saw Thor & Loki, she slapped them both and it was hilarious.
Remember to look out for the Stan Lee cameo! His character's get better and better!
Also there was a cameo from another Actor - You'll all love it when you see!
Nothing in this film really get's left unanswered either - It all leave's way for a next movie, or otherwise all got tied up.
If you stay until after the movie ends, a little into the credit's a first ending plays. 
If you then stay until the end of ALL of the credit's, another ending plays which FULLY ends the film. 
It's a very worthwhile thing to see. (:
I hope you all enjoy the film as much as I see.
I give it a 9/10!

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